Uttalande från Magdalena Andersson

Political declaration of solidarity


Politisk solidaritetsförklaring (engelska), Statsminister Magdalena Andersson och Storbritanniens premiärminister Boris Johnson, den 11 maj 2022

Ladda ner:

We, the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northem Ireland and the Kingdom of Sweden, confirm our shared desire for closer, stronger defence and security cooperation, to reinforce our key strategic partnership.

A Shared View on Challenges and Threats

The United Kingdom and Sweden share the same values and understanding of security challenges, both in Europe and globally. Both countries are committed to working together to address these challenges and strengthen defence and security cooperation and solidarity in Europe.

In order to maintain the status and integrity ofthe European security order, the United Kingdom and Sweden are resolved to defend its principles, reject attempts to undermine or reshape it, and demand accountability for violations against it. Military aggression to change the borders of Europe must never be accepted. Likewise, attempts to challenge the norms, and undermine cooperative fora and institutions that constitute the foundation ofEuropean security must be firmly resisted.

The United Kingdom and Sweden recognise that regional and global challenges are best addressed by acting together. In an era ofheightened geopolitical competition on a global scale, not only in terms of military power but also of political influence, strategic technologies and economic relations, we intend to defend common interests anda rules-based intemational order.

Both countries recognise that the global security environment is affected by hybrid threats, cyber-attacks, organised crime and cross-border terrorism, as well as the effects of climate change on peace and security. The United Kingdom and Sweden will act together to meet such challenges and threats.

The United Kingdom and Sweden share the same security environment in Northern Europe. We face common challenges relating to the deteriorating security situation, due to Russia's aggressive actions. We have ajoint interest in a close political dialogue and practical cooperation between NATO and Sweden.

The United Kingdom and Sweden recognise that unity of purpose and action remain our greatest asset in relation to Russia. The coordinated responses of the intemational community have shown Russia that malign action comes at a cost. Both countries will uphold and coordinate our principled positions related to Russia's negative behaviour. Together, we must address the challenges arising from Russia's actions, wherever they occur.

Security and Defence Cooperation Between the United Kingdom and Sweden

The United Kingdom and Sweden have a strong tradition of cooperating to address common challenges in Northem Europe and globally. This includes hybrid threats and cyber security as well as working together in intemational crisis management operations. The strong relationship between our respective Armed Forces and Defence Ministries is founded on the Statement oflntent from 2014 and the Programme ofDefence Cooperation from 2016. Our bilateral defence cooperation also builds on three Memoranda of Understanding covering Defence Materiel Cooperation, the Conduct ofExercises, Training and Integrated Test and Evaluation Activities and the Provision ofHost Nation Support, and Future Combat Air Systems' Cooperation. Our deep defence cooperation covers an extensive range of activities, from intemational operations to defence research. We also cooperate extensively in multilateral formats including the UN, the Council ofEurope and the OSCE, through Sweden's Enhanced Opportunities' Partnership with NATO, and the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) and the Northem Group.

Both countries recognise the need to continuously develop their defence and security cooperation. In these efforts, we should build on current cooperation and work together to further develop our capabilities. New initiatives to improve our interoperability and further strengthen our partnership will be explored.

On the basis of solidarity, values and geographical proximity, the United Kingdom and Sweden will meet challenges in peace, crisis and conflict together. Should either country suffer a disaster or an attack, the United Kingdom and Sweden will, upon request from the affected country, assist each other in a variety of ways, which may include military means. Such an intensified cooperation will remain fully in line in with each country's security and defence policy and is designed to complement not replace existing European and Euro-Atlantic cooperation.

Future Bilateral Security Policy Dialogue 

Regular bilateral consultations on security policy issues serve an important role in deepening the dialogue between the United Kingdom and Sweden. The United Kingdom and Sweden and will meet regularly in a 2+2 format at the level of Political Director (MFA) and Defence Policy Director (MOD) to discuss security policy issues.

This document is a political declaration and not a legally binding commitment under intemational law.


Signed at Harpsund on 11 May 2022, in duplicate.